Winter Sun

‘Going for a walk’ used to be such a simple way to pass the time.  Indeed, it was so simple, it was inevitably prefaced with ‘just’: Honey, I’m just going for a walk.  No longer.

First, we have to work out what Fig should wear – it’s very cold out right now, so he needs to be bundled, but at the same time, we don’t want him to overheat.  Once that’s settled, we have to actually get him into the chosen attire.  This probably also involves a nappy change.  And a very wriggly baby.  Then the change bag needs to be packed, checked, re-packed and checked again.  How many nappies have you put in?  Add another bottle, you can never be sure.  Is there a change of clothes in there? Does he definitely still fit those trousers? He hasn’t worn them for a week. Then there’s the pram / baby carrier debate.  This may, or may not, lead to getting the wheels out of the car.  Finally, we’re ready to go.  Man, it’s cold. Or maybe I forgot to put my own coat on…

Despite all this, we still try to go for walks regularly, just as we did pre-Fig. We live in the Peak District and would be fools not to spend much of our free time outside.  Today though, was just a simple stroll around Bramhall Park en route to Saul’s parents’.  The afternoon winter sunlight was beautiful, and I’d love to say that Fig appreciated its silvery opulence.  But he was asleep.

Then he woke up, we all pulled faces at each other for ten minutes, and then he fell asleep again.  A baby’s life, eh?


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