Rock-a-Thigh baby

Not only do these over-the-knee socks for babies have a great name, but they are winter clothing saviours.

They’re so easy to throw on under – or over – trousers or tights, without having to take anything off, if, for example, you just want to pop out quickly or unexpectedly with the baby in the baby carrier: dangly legs are hard to keep warm, and a full-on snowsuit or fleecy all-in-one can be too hot in a sling.  They come in loads of colours, designs and sizes, and generally speaking, don’t fall down as they kinda stick to the baby’s legs.  Winner. Plus, they’re called Rock-a-Thigh.  Genius.

And if none of that convinces you, they also have the added advantage of showing off chubby little thighs to their very best.  But come on…Rock-a-Thigh!


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