Bridging the Gap

As Fig edges nearer the grand old age of three months, he is starting to grow out of his size 0-3 months clothes, particularly vests. However, he is still some way off fitting the 3-6 month size vests we have for him (although he does fit that size trousers and dungarees, wierdly, suggesting he has long legs, perhaps?)  So today, I went out specifically to find somewhere that either does large 0-3 month vests, or small 3-6 month, that would bridge the gap between the two sizes.

And I found the former in Gap.  The picture above shows a pumpkin coloured 0-3 month vest on the left, and a cabbage coloured 3-6 on the right, with the Gap vest in the middle.  Baby Gap is expensive, but I bought four to get Fig through the next couple of weeks until he fits the next size up properly.


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