A material matter…

Essentially, both swaddles and muslins are just squares of fabric. They seem pretty unexciting when you’re young, free and single.  Then you become a parent, and these vari-sized squares of fabric suddenly become a major part of your life. Members of the family, almost. Too far? OK. Pets, then.

Our cottage is strewn with them. They hang off doorknobs, lie casually over the arms of chairs, and protrude from my coat pockets. And so, over the last three months, I have formed very strong and definite opinions on squares of fabric, and my advice to anyone buying them is that there are two brands you wanna go for.

Firstly, swaddles: they have to be Aden + Anais bamboo swaddles. I was given a packet of these by my gorgeous friend Abi, and I love them SO much.

They are a mile (or 1.6 km if you’d rather) softer than any other brand.  The designs are sophisticated and neutral, and when Fig no longer has any need of them, I shall wear them as scarves. Seriously, they’re that good.

And secondly, muslins. They have to be Faye and Lou’s Rainbow Muslins.  Not only are they the most beautiful colours (primary without being garish), but the quality rains all over any other brand.  They are so thick and soft. Below, you can see them compared to a cheap cheeseclothy muslin I got from a supermarket, which is so scratchy I hate using it on Fig. Generally, I use the cheapo ones as pee shields when changing his bum-bum.  And when he no longer needs the Faye and Lou’s? I’m thinking napkins.


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