Hands are the new feet

Time was, Fig would happily spend half an hour lifting a foot in the air, waggling it a bit and looking at it.  This became more exciting when we discovered rattle socks.  But life has taken on new meaning in the past few weeks, as Fig has discovered HANDS!

He will literally spend an hour just holding my hand in front of his face, pulling at my fingers with his fingers, looking at his little hand, then staring quizzically at mine again.  There’s some serious brainwork going on in his tiny fluffy head.

But with the discovery that hands can DO STUFF has come the discovery that one of the stuffs they can do is put THINGS in your MOOF!*  This, however, is not quite as straightforward as it may seem.

Such issues arise as, how do you get the thing in your moof when your hand, which is holding the thing, is in the way?  Also, how do you know when to stop lifting the thing if you’re not sure it’s at your moof yet?  Hence, most things end up on his head or in his eye.  Hey ho.

*Apologies for Trump-style capitalisation.  For some reason, this post, as it approaches midnight, requires STRESS on lots of words.


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