Baby beads

Fig has gone, in a matter of days, from watching me playing with his toys to actually starting to play with a few choice things himself. His favourite toy is still a muslin, which he finds endlessly entertaining until he pulls it over his face and can’t get it off, at which point the screaming starts.  But his new fave rave are these Manhattan baby beads.

They were given to us by my friend Carolyn and her two very kind little girls, and though quite heavy, Fig loves them.

They’re essentially painted wooden balls attached to each other so that they move around but never become fully separated. I don’t leave Fig alone with them for fear he’ll clonk himself on the head, but he loves to watch me playing with them, and then to let him have a little go.  I usually tend to hold onto them while he’s exploring them, as he only has tiny fingers and they’re pretty massive to him!

It’s so lovely to watch him begin to be able to play with his toys, even if it is in a very rudimentary way.


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