Literary Lists

As the mummy of a three month old, I have very little – I can’t stress enough how little – time to do things for myself. If I have a free half-hour because Fig is asleep or playing with his daddy, I usually end up doing housework.  I’ve always been a big reader, but even my reading habits have changed recently – books need to be easily digestible in small chunks as I can only devote the odd fifteen minutes to them, and I’m usually so tired that when I come to pick it up the next day, I have no recollection of what I read the day before!  So no political biographies for the forseeable. However, for Christmas I was bought this rather wonderful Literary Listography, and it’s perfect for focusing a little me time, however brief that time may be.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. There are various lists to complete, from favourite travel journals to tomes that have taught you something philosophical.  I’m finding it rather therapeutic to go back over my life’s reading history, whilst at the same time doing something quiet and calm that isn’t too taxing on the ol’ brain.

There are other versions: a Film Listography, a Travel Listography (oh, to live a life where that would be a relevant one…) and a Music Listography.  What I really love is that I can think about them as I play with Fig or carry him around, and I can leave it open on a table and just add titles as and when. There’s a sense of accomplishment as the pages fill up, and I can kid myself that I’m actually achieving something that isn’t baby-related.  No, it’s not working towards world peace, but that project’s on hold until I’m less tired.


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