Baby room

I hesitate to call it a nursery, as there is far more ‘design’ implied in that word than we actually applied to Fig’s little room.  However, it’s still a sweet, cosy place to keep all his things, and one day (far too soon), he’ll move in there properly.

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I swore I never would…

Before you become a parent, you have a very specific list of the way you definitely will, and definitely won’t, bring up your children. This list will be an amalgamation of things your parents did, things your friends have done, things you have observed complete strangers do in Sainsbury’s, and things you have read about or seen on Supernanny.  But then you become a parent, and all of that goes out the window in a matter of (I’d like to say weeks, but I’ll be honest) days.  Here are the Big Four things I swore I’d never do, and in fact do regularly because I live in the real world.

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Three month birthday

My baby boy is in flux.  He’s inbetweeny.  He’s not a tiny-baby baby any more, but he’s not a little boy yet either.  He has flashes of both, and yet he’s something else entirely as well.  Today, he’s three months old, and without wishing to get totally mushy, I fear I’m going to get totally mushy.

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