Baby Box

Without even planning to do it, I have a small (note to self: buy bigger) box of baby memories already.  It started with simply the cards we got when Fig was born, and inevitably his hospital name tags, but then I couldn’t help myself adding little mementos that have come to symbolise a time in his life so far.

So we have one of his first tiny vests, which was actually too big for him when he was born, but which he soon grew into and I loved him in. I also have a size 1 nappy in there, to remind me how small he really was. Then we have some animal socks, which he wore for quite a long time (in baby time – it’s all relative) and which we loved (“He’s wearing bear feet today.” “Bare feet?  Isn’t it a bit cold?” “No, BEAR feet….” etc), and one of his first dum-dums – amazingly, babies grow out of dummies and need bigger ones – who knew? More about that in a forthcoming post on dummy rash. Yes, it’s a thing.

I have to be careful not to fill the box in the first 6 months because I want to keep it going till he’s like…24, probably, so I’m being ruthless and not just putting in everything he touches, however tempting that is. So I wonder, do other people have baby boxes? Do you? And if so, how do you choose what to put in and what to chuck?


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