Toy shopping

Today, we went out with a short list of things we specifically wanted to get for Fig, and, amazingly, we found all of them!

Firstly, we wanted another Meg and Mog book, more for mummy’s sanity than Fig’s desire to hear a new story. Fig loves the illustrations in the original, and gets very excited when we read it, which is sometimes three times a day as he sits staring meaningfully at it until I pick it up. So a second tale was required, and duly purchased.

We also passed a cheap book shop that was doing three Mr Men books for £3, so couldn’t resist. Again, although Fig loves the pictures, this is more a memory lane trip for mummy and daddy than a literary experience for baby.  We already had a couple, so added a handful more of the classics: we went Bump, Happy and Messy to go with Small and Greedy.

Shouldn’t every child have a ball? Preferably a red one? Well, now Fig does. We figured he’d enjoy watching us throwing it and rolling it, and we were right. It’s just a shame this one has a slightly sinister grinning apple on it… (£1 from The Entertainer, in case you want one yourself).

Next came fridge-able teething rings. Fig is clearly teething – more on that later – and these just felt like such a good idea. I can imagine something cold and rubbery to bite down hard on is exactly what’s needed as teeth angrily push their way down through your little pink gums. And he does indeed gnaw on them.

Finally, we wanted a little plastic cup for Fig to play with.  Fig loves cups. No idea why, but he smiles at them in Costa and watches fascinated as we drink from them. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find what we were looking for. It turns out this was just as well, as I discovered when we got home that we already had one in a baby dining set (Moomins! YES!) Fig had been given for Christmas but obviously doesn’t use yet. Well, now part of the set has ended up in the toy basket. Hey ho.


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