First food

As Fig approaches six months, naturally Saul and I have started thinking about weaning: the when and the how, primarily. We’ve decided to try to mainly go baby-led (put stuff in front of him, let him pick it up, put it in his ear, smear it on the walls as he sees fit), but with a bit of spoon and mush* thrown in (probably literally) for good measure.  We have started to put a few bits of fruit and veg in front of him already, just to see what he does with it and whether or not he seems ready to start eating.  For eating, read sucking.  For sucking, read licking.  For licking, read placing on tongue and making a funny face. We began with cucumber.

Fig chased the two inch sticks round his high chair for a while, frowning at them as he tried different finger configurations in an attempt to pick them up.

Finally, he got it! He wasn’t expecting his new toy to have a taste – what? Not plastic? – and though a mild flavour, it caused a momentary lemon scowl.  This was soon replaced with simple surprise, however, and the sticks went, one by one, in and out of his moof a few times, then onto the floor.

And for dessert, a rainbow muslin. It’s easier to hold and stuff in your face than slippery veg sticks.

As a post script, he has also had steamed carrot sticks, one of which he actually gummed a piece off, more to his own surprise than ours. It quickly fell out of his moof though. And his favourite has been mushed banana (pieces of ‘nana are way too slippery for him to grasp), which I then smear on a small plastic spoon and give him the spoon to suck it off. He seems to really enjoy this. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t swallowed anything yet, but he’s starting to get the idea.

*Good name for a pub?  The Spoon and Mush?


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