Sunshine on Lyme

The weather today was so glorious there was no way I was staying in, so I packed the obligatory baby backpack and Fig and I set off for one of the National Trust’s jewels, Lyme Park.

We went quite off road, and whereas normally I would pop him in the Babybjorn for wilderness adventures, I decided to give my back a break and take the pram. Thank goodness we have one with pumfy wheels and some suspension!

We passed the Cage, probably my favourite landmark in the world. When I was at University and coming home for a weekend, seeing the Cage from the train window would make my heart leap. It really does feel like an old friend.

We had a picnic lunch by the lake, after which I tried to take a civilised selfie of the two of us enjoying rolling about on the blanket under the trees, but Fig’s idea of a selfie is just trying to get my phone in his moof.

I’m happy to report that, phone/moof interface situations aside, we had a fantastic day and Fig laughed a lot.  He also shouted loudly at birdies and stared incredulously at a tractor. He wore his sunhat, which is slightly too large, a la eighties British TV ‘comedian’ Jimmy Cricket, though he was sans wellies. And indeed sans socks for most of the day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as beautiful, but I should probably spend it making the garden habitable instead of heading off on jollies with Fig. Then again, you’re only six months old once…


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