A quick word on Dr Brown’s bottles

This isn’t a very interesting post for most, but may be helpful for someone somewhere, as I couldn’t find anywhere online a simple yes/no answer to the question “Do the new Dr Brown’s Options teats fit the old Natural Flow wide neck bottles?”  So here is that simple answer: yes, they do.

Fig has been getting frustrated with his milk feeds recently, so we wanted to get some Level 3 fast flow teats. We have the old Dr Brown’s Natural Flow bottles with the blue vent, which we bought because so many people online said the new Options bottles leak. However, in the time since we bought them, six months ago, it’s become seemingly impossible to get new teats without the scalloped edge made for the Options bottles. Online, a lot of people, again, say that the Options teats leak on the old blue vent bottles., but we decided to try them anyway.  And they work perfectly.

What I have noticed is that the bottles leak if there is milk in the vent. This can happen two ways – either the bottle has been turned upside down slowly and the milk has time to flow down the tube, or the bottle has been heated with the milk in and the lid on. If you take the lid off, the milk is not sucked up into the vent while the bottle is being heated. If you do get milk in the vent, just straighten the bottle, let it flow out, then turn it back quickly to feed baby.

And for the record, as I’ve said before, for us, the bottles really did help stop Fig getting appalling trapped wind when he was a newborn.


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