More on weaning

Well, it is kinda taking over our lives…

So Fig is now on three meals a day. He loves his food. Loves loves loves it. So far, there hasn’t been anything he hasn’t liked, although mashed potato he found a bit claggy and frankly, could take it or leave it. At six and – let’s say – two thirds of a month, the baby-led style (see previous post) is definitely winning. He is far happier doing it himself than being spoon fed, although he’s happy to have me put stuff (e.g. porridge) on a spoon and hand it to him.

We had scrambled egg for lunch the other day. I just put it in front of him, he picked it up and shoved it in his moof. When the pieces became a bit too mangled in tiny chubby hands for him to be able to eat them, I just popped them in his moof with my fingers. Today, we went out for a picnic and he had cream cheese sandwiches, same as mummy and daddy. His had the crusts taken off is all, and they were cut into little soldiers. And for dinner, we had salmon, green beans and boiled potatoes. Again, he had the same. It’s amazing to watch him properly eating, chewing (OK, gumming) and swallowing.

What I would say though, is don’t bin Annabel Karmel! I’m still using her for ideas, and in fact making some of her purees to use as dips or sandwich filling, and even making some and not pureeing them and instead leaving them as little casseroles. I also have made a batch of her salt-free veg stock and frozen it in various amounts, and I use her fruit puree combinations to make sugar free jam, which again I’ve frozen in little pots. Fig adores these – he has them for breakfast on toast, or in porridge, or with yoghurt or rice pudding as dessert, or they can be let down with water or milk to make smoothies… honestly, they’re brilliant. His fave so far is apple, nectarine and blueberry. He also wolfs down her baby Bananas Foster, which she calls Going Bananas (cook slices of banana in butter, add cinnamon and orange juice). So even if you’re doing baby-led weaning, AK can be a good friend.

Finally, a word on drinking. Not a stiff gin to get you through the cleaning up process (it never ends!) but I’ve been very careful to make sure Fig has water after every meal, even if he hasn’t eaten much, as I really want to avoid him getting constipation. He was constipated as a tiny baby, and it was heartbreaking to see, so I’m a bit obsessive about this. But what I will say is, it’s only taken him a couple of sessions to get how to use his tippy cup (Tommee Tippee First Cup, about £1.50 from Sainsbury’s), and he loves that he can drink himself now. I think he almost enjoys his water more than the food I so lovingly and painstakingly prepare for him! Typical boy.


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