Babyproofing Pt1

We have an attic which started off being Saul’s office slash spare bedroom. That description has since expanded to include playroom. Now I’ll be the first to admit that an office (computer cables etc) is probably the worst space to double up as a playroom, but in this case, it actually does work. It’s the only room in the house with lots of empty floor for Fig to crawl around, and as he’ll never be there without one of us, keeping him away from the desk has so far not been an issue.  I’ll let you know how that goes as he becomes ever more mobile… However, the room does have two BIG safety issues – the stairs, and the spindles. So we’ve started babyproofing.

First, the stairs. Obviously, we’ve gated them off. We’re using a pressure gate with wall guard pads, and it’s phenomenally sturdy and really doesn’t look too bad.

For the spindles, which have a gap between each one the perfect size for a nine month old baby to crawl through, we bought some safety mesh, which comes with plenty of ties to attach it securely. We really were expecting this to look awful, but accepted that needs must, but actually, again, it doesn’t look too bad, and doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

Fig has already fallen against it once, and it’s very strong and firmly attached. You can still see through it, so it allows us to retain a little of the charm of the original staircase.

Excuse the mess. Pillows are still in place while we ‘proof the whole room (updates to follow).

It’s a big job, and you can never make a house completely safe for a crawling baby unless you go down the bubblewrap route, but we have a few more things up our sleeves.


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