Baby wearing

As you know, I’m a big fan of baby carriers. They make getting about in shops much easier than a pushchair, and out in the open air, allow us to go places we simply couldn’t even consider with a pram, even a fairly off-road one. Fig much prefers being worn to being pushed, so we never leave the house without a trusty carrier.

We had always used the Babybjorn Original, but Fig was getting too heavy for it, and was ready to face out, so we needed a new one. Initially, I was going to blindly buy the next size up ‘Bjorn, but something made me do a little research, and I was a little unhappy to find that it isn’t considered as good a carrier as I’d thought, and for one very simple reason…

In the ‘Bjorn, baby’s legs just dangle, which apparently is really bad for their hips.  I was mortified. We’d carried him everywhere in this. So after an afternoon online, and another afternoon in John Lewis trying on various slings, we decided on the Ergobaby 360 in pale grey.



It’s expensive, but for the amount we use it, worth it. It has a kind of seat that Fig sits in, and he is SO happy in it.  He seems really comfy, and it’s much better for us too – it rests on mine or Saul’s hips, rather than pulling on our backs, so we can wear it for much longer than we could the Babybjorn. With the insert, it’s suitable from birth, and I really wish we’d got this one from the get go. But at least we have it now.


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