My little adventure baby

I heard about Adventure Babies on the grapevine. By which I mean a Grandma told me about it one week at the local library’s Rhyme Time session. Basically, she said, your baby gets to roll around in the kind of nonsense you’d never let him roll around in at home, even though you know he’ll love it. Or words to that effect. I was sold. Fig gets messy but the house doesn’t? Sign me up.

The next six week course was fully booked when I tried to join us up, so we didn’t get to go until Fig was nearly 8 months old, but to honest, it was the perfect age. Each week is based around a book, which was read to us in the most brilliant way by Ellie at the start of each session. There is a bag of props to go with the story, so baby gets to smell, touch and play with related items as he listens. There is then a twenty minute playtime, for which there are several paddling pools filled with that week’s story related ‘stuff’. So when we heard Aliens Love Underpants….

…Fig got to play in a pool of moondust made of edible sand and glitter (the glitter didn’t fully come off for weeks) and he looked a little like Ziggy Stardust by the time that had been cemented on by the second play pool…

…full of alien slime. Each week was a different mess, and some weeks were messier than others, but Fig threw himself wholeheartedly into each one (often literally) and loved it.

My favourite memory is probably still the moment from the first week, when he stood (aided, of course) in a pond, with a lilypad on his head and one in each hand, yelling, Tarzan stylee, at the other babies. Pudding.

And yes, I’ll be signing him up for another course in the Autumn. Bring on the gunge!


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