True Faith

True to my maternity bucket list, also. Fig loves big pictures – he has to have a good daily squizz at the Eroica posters we have framed on the kitchen wall, and he gets really excited when we point things out. So I wanted to take him to an Art Gallery, and I love Manchester for its collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings. Thrown in as a bonus was an exhibition of art inspired by Joy Division, which included a lot of memorabilia, and as a HUGE Joy Div fan, this was a great opportunity to introduce Fig to a bit of my modern culture.

So he slept through it.

He did however, love the Shirley Baker exhibit (brilliantly titled Woman and Children; and Loitering Men), as did Saul and I. There was a lot of kicking, wiggling fingers and shouting. And Fig did some of that, too…


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