Suction bowl

Says it all, really. It’s silicone, pretty sticky, and Fig can only get it off his high chair tray if he really pulls at it, but otherwise, it stays put and means he is far more in control of what he eats and how fast.

Up until now I’ve either handed him individual pieces of food, or put a few bits on his tray, but he’s enjoying using the bowl (it’s by Nuby and fairly easy to get hold of in Supermarkets) and it frees me up even more. Here he is eating homemade fishfingers, peas and sweetcorn, which went down a treat.  And very fast. This is a sensible, not too messy, meal for a baby. However…

Here he is eating pasta with creamy spinach sauce. So, you know, it’s up to you whether you use the suction bowl or not….


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