Charity Shop finds

Fig has reached the point where he needs toys that stretch him, toys that do things and challenge him. However, toys are an expensive business, so Saul and I decided to try some charity shops to see what we could find. And we were genuinely astonished at [a] what we found and [b] how much we saved.

This Fisher Price telephone is a classic. Of course, Fig has no idea what it is because no-one we know has a phone that looks remotely like this any more, so there is an element of buying for our nostalgic little selves as well as him. But at £1.49 and in good-as-new condition, we could afford that indulgence. And one of Fig’s latest obsessions is pull-along toys, so this was a win-win.

We definitely wanted to get him a shape sorter, and there were lots in the charity shops, but they were often a bit battered and / or missing shapes. This one has a small scuff on the blue flower shape, but otherwise is perfect (and whole), and cost £1.50.

This is a fabulous toy, with loads of buttons and levers and spinny things that cause animals to pop out left, right, centre, top and bottom. Great for teaching cause and effect. Cost us £2.50.

And finally, this giant! We figure this has longevity, and will probably end its life as a step in the kitchen so that, as an old woman, I’ll still be able to reach high cupboards. As well as the two faces you can see here, it has a blackboard and a clock face. And the red top comes out, and can be turned over, and is a wiggly wire with beads on. It’s also the perfect height for Fig to pull himself up on, although you have to be ready to catch him cus that would give his chin a nasty boop if he hit it. This cost us £6, which is a lot when you consider the other prices we paid, but it was a whopping £36.99 new, so who’s laughing now, huh?

We were very careful to only buy things that were in immaculate condition, and I thoroughly cleaned and anti-bac’d everything before we gave any of it to Fig. And you know what?  We ended up paying £11.49 for £86.96’s worth of toys. Even if you have money to burn, that’s a big saving. And the other bonus, of course, was that Saul and I didn’t have to endure Toys ‘R’ Us. Hurrah!



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