Baby wearing

As you know, I’m a big fan of baby carriers. They make getting about in shops much easier than a pushchair, and out in the open air, allow us to go places we simply couldn’t even consider with a pram, even a fairly off-road one. Fig much prefers being worn to being pushed, so we never leave the house without a trusty carrier.

We had always used the Babybjorn Original, but Fig was getting too heavy for it, and was ready to face out, so we needed a new one. Initially, I was going to blindly buy the next size up ‘Bjorn, but something made me do a little research, and I was a little unhappy to find that it isn’t considered as good a carrier as I’d thought, and for one very simple reason…

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Babyproofing Pt1

We have an attic which started off being Saul’s office slash spare bedroom. That description has since expanded to include playroom. Now I’ll be the first to admit that an office (computer cables etc) is probably the worst space to double up as a playroom, but in this case, it actually does work. It’s the only room in the house with lots of empty floor for Fig to crawl around, and as he’ll never be there without one of us, keeping him away from the desk has so far not been an issue.  I’ll let you know how that goes as he becomes ever more mobile… However, the room does have two BIG safety issues – the stairs, and the spindles. So we’ve started babyproofing.

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More on weaning

Well, it is kinda taking over our lives…

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Weaning – how’s that working out for us?

Fig has been trying solid food properly for about ten days now. By properly, I mean in a more organised and concerted way than we were doing when we started. He was pre-six-months then, so it was just a case of putting a few cucumber sticks in front of him every now and again and seeing what he did with them. Actually, that was really useful, because it gave him practice in picking up sticks of food, and he’s now a bit of an expert on that front. But we’ve been consciously doing a mixture of baby-led weaning and traditional spoon fed mush, and Fig’s really getting into it now.

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First food

As Fig approaches six months, naturally Saul and I have started thinking about weaning: the when and the how, primarily. We’ve decided to try to mainly go baby-led (put stuff in front of him, let him pick it up, put it in his ear, smear it on the walls as he sees fit), but with a bit of spoon and mush* thrown in (probably literally) for good measure.  We have started to put a few bits of fruit and veg in front of him already, just to see what he does with it and whether or not he seems ready to start eating.  For eating, read sucking.  For sucking, read licking.  For licking, read placing on tongue and making a funny face. We began with cucumber.

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Unbunging up baby

It’s winter, colds abound, and I guess we’ve been lucky that Fig hasn’t had one until now. The younger a baby is, the more poorly they seem when they get ill, I think; that didn’t stop me panicking like crazy about our robust little four-month-old when he started really struggling to breath on the way back from the Trafford Centre today.

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