Top 5 essentials (1-3 months)

This is our personal Top-5 things-we-couldn’t-live-without.  As Fig gets older, no doubt this list will change, but for the last however-many weeks, these have been, and are, our daily essentials:

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Bath Gallery

Buying Christmas presents for a seven week old is pretty pointless, but we did it, because he’s our little boy and the thought of his not having anything under the tree from his mummy and daddy just felt awful! We didn’t spend much, but one of the little things we bought him was bath crayons. This isn’t because we expect him to be able to draw with them, but so that we can draw on the side of the bath for him: we’d noticed that as he’s so little (he’s a baby an’ all that) he can’t see anything outside of the bath, and the sides of a bathtub are not exactly the most inspiring visual stimulus.

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