A little me-time

I love a museum shop, and in the case of Manchester Museum, I loved a specific museum shop table. It was just one of those displays that hit me; the right thing at the right time. I guess I just needed a little reminding that life doesn’t have to be all stress and strife, and this table just stopped my wandering eye in its tracks with a message I needed to hear: take a little time to enjoy the good stuff, lady!

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True Faith

True to my maternity bucket list, also. Fig loves big pictures – he has to have a good daily squizz at the Eroica posters we have framed on the kitchen wall, and he gets really excited when we point things out. So I wanted to take him to an Art Gallery, and I love Manchester for its collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings. Thrown in as a bonus was an exhibition of art inspired by Joy Division, which included a lot of memorabilia, and as a HUGE Joy Div fan, this was a great opportunity to introduce Fig to a bit of my modern culture.

So he slept through it.

He did however, love the Shirley Baker exhibit (brilliantly titled Woman and Children; and Loitering Men), as did Saul and I. There was a lot of kicking, wiggling fingers and shouting. And Fig did some of that, too…

Maternity bucket list

A month ago, with the impending horror of the end of my maternity leave, I wrote a list of a few things I felt Fig would really enjoy and that I would like to do with him before I go back to work. I hung the list in the kitchen so that every time Saul goes, “What do you want to do today?”, I can direct him to it. I kept it simple (Bali just isn’t going to happen). And gradually, I’m ticking things off.  ( Continue reading… )

Literary Lists

As the mummy of a three month old, I have very little – I can’t stress enough how little – time to do things for myself. If I have a free half-hour because Fig is asleep or playing with his daddy, I usually end up doing housework.  I’ve always been a big reader, but even my reading habits have changed recently – books need to be easily digestible in small chunks as I can only devote the odd fifteen minutes to them, and I’m usually so tired that when I come to pick it up the next day, I have no recollection of what I read the day before!  So no political biographies for the forseeable. However, for Christmas I was bought this rather wonderful Literary Listography, and it’s perfect for focusing a little me time, however brief that time may be.

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